New device keeps Kentucky police dog safe in extreme heat


DAYTON, KY (FOX19) - Three-year-old police dog Tesa is playful, but she's serious about her work for the Dayton, Kentucky Police Department. Tesa, a Belgian Malinois, has helped get meth, heroin, marijuana and other controlled substances off the streets of northern Kentucky.

A new device will ensure the K9 stays safe while she helps fight crime in the summer temps.

A heat alarm system will be installed in Tesa's handler's police cruiser thanks to a grant awarded from Hero K9 organization. If a cruiser's temperature reaches a certain heat, an alarm sounds, the horn honks and lights flash. The alarm also signals a window to roll down.

Handlers leave their K9 partners in the cruiser while they answer calls or conduct traffic stops.

"This going to be a huge asset for us and it's going to allow me a lot more peace of mind to know that my dog will be safe," said Sgt. Gilbert Marksberry, Tesa's partner.

The grant for the alarm system was provided by Hero K9, an organization that helps departments with funding if they don't have the budget to purchase items.

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