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TIPS: When to call police about fireworks

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Firework displays are popular during the summer, especially surrounding the Fourth of July holiday, and police are asking residents to follow appropriate steps for reporting a fireworks-related incidents.

The only firework products permitted in Ohio for use are designated "trick and novelty" – such as smokes, sparklers, snaps, and snakes. Keep in mind that even trick and novelty fireworks can cause serious injury. 

Here are some general guidelines from Pierce Township Police before calling the police to check fireworks use:

1. Instances of fireworks being set of in a dangerous or unsafe manner.
2. Fireworks or their debris causing damage or creating a fire hazard to property during/after discharge.
3. Fireworks being set off in a roadway or near a roadway where it creates a risk to drivers.
4. Fireworks being set off by an underage person or someone intoxicated to the point that it is unsafe for them or others in the area.
5. Any situation you as the caller feel could be dangerous or unsafe to the public.

More information related to fireworks can be found HERE

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