Fire officials urge caution when handling fireworks

FOX19 - Fireworks can be loud, colorful, and a lot of fun, but if not used properly or not used in the right environment, it could quickly spell trouble.

On Saturday night, police said fireworks sparked a small blaze that ignited in an OTR home. Authorities said the fire was started by a child playing with fireworks, he was treated at Children's Hospital for minor burns to his arms.

Cincinnati Fire Departments Fire District Chief Carstell Winston said playing with firework indoors is a no go.

"First of all, I want to say that the Cincinnati Fire Department and the National Fire Protective Association encourage all persons to leave the fireworks to the experts especially when it comes to children," said Winston.

He said parents should supervise their children if they plan on using fireworks. In Kentucky, pop-up fireworks shops are located near the river in Covington. Mike Belew works at one of them.

"We try to encourage them to be as safe as possible. I always tell the youngsters when they come in, next time I see you I'm going to count your fingers because I want to make sure that you're being safe. Now they laugh, but I'm trying to make a point," he said. 

That point is to stay safe when using the fireworks. Belew  educates customers, but also advises them to read the directions labeled on the fireworks.

Winston said nationally this is the time of year when fireworks injuries increase.

"Annually 10,000 people are injured due to fireworks hazards and over half of those are during the 4th of July weekend," said Winston.

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