Norwood man defends woman under attack

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - Three people are in custody and facing felonious assault charges following a brawl outside The Wood Bar on Sherman Avenue in Norwood Saturday night.

Authorities say a group of young people were coming from a fireworks show and walking past the bar when one of the young men began assaulting his female friend.

Steve Keith, 48, of Norwood was shooting pool inside the bar around midnight when he saw the man's behavior.

"I happened to look out the window and a gentleman had a girl by the hair of the head beating the hell out of her. So I put my pool stick down and I went outside and I grabbed her a put her out of the way and when I did he walked up on me and was getting ready to swing on me so I swung on him," said Keith.

He says a group of about 11 people started punching and kicking him. Keith suffered bruised ribs and a fractured orbital. Police have charges three people with felonious assault: Kevin Banderas, 20, Brandon Whisenant, 19, and Kate Leach, 18.

"They say chivalry is dead and obviously in Mr. Keith's eyes it's not," said Norwood Police lieutenant, Ron Murphy. "I can tell you from watching the video that I would not want my daughter to be treated the way that this girl was being treated. She was definitely uncomfortable with the behavior this other person was exhibiting," he said.

Police are still working to identify those who participated from video captured by a camera outside The Wood bar. Murphy says additional arrests and more serious charges "are likely."

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