Group of boys accused of ransacking yards in Hamilton neighborhood

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - A group of boys is accused of ransacking yards and stealing neighbors' belongings in Lindenwald, a neighborhood in Hamilton.

Residents said they have been uncomfortable and uneasy because of a recent rash of crime in the area.

"It's a feeling that I wouldn't want to wish on anybody because I don't feel safe," Kathy Johnson, who has lived there for more than 20 years, said.

Neighbors have reported that tools have disappeared, bikes have vanished, garages have been broken into and other items have been stolen.

"Just because it's laying there doesn't mean you can just take it," Harlee Smith, who said she has been a victim of the theft, told FOX19 NOW.

Neighbors said that they have been working together for months to try to pinpoint who might be responsible for at least some of their troubles.

One resident released some of his home security camera footage to the neighborhood. It shows a group of boys in an alley, and at least one of them appears to be rummaging around a bag that is on a motorcycle.

"They were going through the saddlebags on the motorcycle," Smith said.

One neighbor said that one of the boys admitted to stealing her family's bike. Another said that she chased a group of boys off her property a week ago when she caught them ransacking her backyard in the middle of the night.

It's not clear whether the crimes are connected, but some neighbors believe they are. Their plea is for the parents.

"Know what your kids are doing, and keep them out of people's stuff," Smith said.

They're asking for more supervision and more accountability.

"I couldn't believe how young they were [in the video]," Johnson said. "If they're doing it now, hopefully something will happen to turn them around so they don't end up in jail."

The family that has the security camera footage said that guardians of two of the boys brought the teenagers over to their home to return some of the stolen items.

Neighbors said they have reported the incidents to police, and police are aware of what's going on.

At this point, Johnson and Smith said they just want the problems to stop.

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