Community discusses how to move forward after Tensing trial

Community discusses how to move forward after Tensing trial

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - As Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters waits to announce whether or not Ray Tensing will be tried for a third time for shooting and killing Sam DuBubose, the community is taking action in hopes to prevent similar incidents.

On Thursday night, the Urban League of Southwestern Ohio held a meeting called Beyond the Trial. A group of about 80 people from all different backgrounds came together to express their concerns and ways to improve police and community relations.

Seeing the jury deadlocked a second time in the Ray Tensing retrial opened up fresh wounds for many in the community.

"It feels like we're just stuck in the same place and I wanted to  find out what I can do to help us move forward so that the Tensing those kind of things don't happen and we can find a way to stop it before there's even a need for a Tensing trial," said Alandes Powell, a Cincinnati resident.

During the meeting everyone was broken up into smaller groups brainstorming of ways to move forward. Many said the changes they would like to see is a more diverse jury pool that represents Hamilton County

During the second trial, two African American women were chosen along with one African American man.

"We would like to see the jury pool expanded in Hamilton," said Margaret Fox, a resident in Clifton.

Currently only those registered to vote are selected to be jurors. It's a fact several of the visitors just learned during the meeting.

Hamilton County Judge Melba Marsh has stated that the county should expand the jury selection pool including lists of licensed drivers and tax payers.  The proposal would have Ohio using a statewide system, similar to Indiana and Kentucky.

"People on both sides or in between would like to see a verdict and until we take steps to provide an expansion of that jury pool we're going to be struggling with that," said Fox.

Powell said police officers need to be regulated. She says data of tickets and arrests need to be reviewed frequently to see if one group or gender is being targeted.

"If they're scared of people who look like me or look like my son they need to find another job and that's who we need to hold accountable," he said.

The Urban League of Southwestern Ohio plans on having more meetings in the future. They said it will be broken up into four phases. While, the first meeting focused on ideas to bring changed the future ones will concentrate more on taking direct actions.

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