Councilman to neighborhood drug dealers: I'm filming you

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, OH (FOX19) - An Arlington Heights Councilman has a message for anyone trying to sell drugs in his community: "Please stop selling heroin on our street - I am filming you."

Scott Bothe said he's seen, what he believes to be, all kinds of drug activity at multiple homes in the small community of Arlington Heights.

"It's hard to explain any other reason why you would have 20 to 30 visitors a day and each visitor is here for two to three minutes," Bothe said.

He has set up cameras to watch what's happening on his street. In a photo posted to a neighborhood watch group, Bothe holds a sign warning heroin dealers that they're being filmed.

About 40 of the 750 residents in Arlington Heights showed up for the first neighborhood watch meeting on Tuesday night and Bothe is hoping that number grows as they try to draw attention to suspected drug activity happening in their area.

"If you're going to try to come in here and use drugs here and sell drugs here then we're going to make it public," Bothe said. "We're going to put it out there on social media, I've already done that. I'm going to continue to do that and if they don't like it they can stop doing it."

The 13-year resident of Arlington Heights tells us he has employed the help of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office to get their community watch program started. Bothe says he has also alerted the Regional Enforcement Narcotics Unit to potential activity in the area.

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"There's no way to police ourselves out of this, and that's from the police themselves," Bothe said. "Law enforcement has told me that directly, that you can' t arrest 200,000 Ohioans that are addicted to opioids."

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