Robber Shot By Delhi Police

The woman who witnesses say robbed a Kentucky Check Exchange store in Delhi Monday just before being shot in the leg by police has a $35,000 bond.

Amber Silman is charged with robbery and aggravated menacing charges.  She went to jail after being released from the hospital.

Delhi Township Officer Adam Cox shot Silman in the thigh in a Blockbuster parking lot after police say she refused to surrender.  According to police, Silman and James Lamb had just robbed the nearby Check Exchange and had made it out into the parking lot when Delhi police intervened.

Witnesses say Silman had her hands in her purse, covered with a double-x sized shirt.  Her hands were held high as if she ahd a gun.  Delhi Chief of Police John Coletta revealed Tuesday that Silman did not have a gun, but she was trying to make it look like she did.

Investigators say Cox fired six shots with his Smith & Wesson 10 millimeter firearm, only one bullet hit Silman.  The others were found in and around the nearby businesses, but those other five shots are not being considered wreckless by investigators.

Chief Coletta said, " He [Cox] handled himself extremely well. The property damage, no we would not have liked to have seen the additional property damage.  We're not happy that Amber was hurt, but the fact that no one or anybody innocent in this thing was not hurt, we're very proud of that."

The cash that Silman's accused of stealing was found on the robbers.

A formal investigation is pending.

Officer Cox should be back on the job next week.  The last officer involved shooting in Delhi happened in the 1970's.