Driver in Deadly Crash Turns Herself In

The woman police say caused, then left the scene of a deadly accident, has turned herself in.

Police say 37-year-old Andrea Mink lost control of the truck she was driving Tuesday night and slid into oncoming traffic on Glenway Avenue. The woman in the passenger seat of the truck, 23-year-old Melody Yeagel, was nearly 6 months pregnant. Yeagel lost her child in the accident and is in intensive care at University Hospital.

Yeagel's family says Melody was expecting her first child, a boy. "She was very happy she was pregnant," her sister, Shawna says. "She couldn't wait to see her little boy."

Shawna says she and her family just want to know why Mink never called for help. "She left my sister to die," Shawna says. "Why didn't she call the ambulance or somebody to help my sister?"

"[Andrea] was afraid. She panicked," Stephen Smith, a friend of Mink's says.

Smith says after the accident, Mink showed up at his house. "Andrea spent the entire time crying," he says. "And she wasn't crying for herself, she was crying for the lost child."

Smith says Mink has been arrested before and was afraid police would hurt her if she stayed at the scene of the accident. But he says, she always planned on turning herself in.

"People need to know [she] isn't a monster," Smith says. "This is a person. She's made a horrible mistake and she's willing to pay for that."

"I don't think that's any excuse to do that," Shawna says. "I think she should have at least have stayed there to see what was happening. At least give my sister some help."