Choking Game

Choking game blamed in ten-year-old's death

Idaho officials blame a dangerous game -- one that's apparently popular among some young kids -- for the death of a ten-year-old boy. Dalton Eby may be the state's second child killed in recent months playing a choking game where kids try to cut off oxygen to the brain to get high.

A statement from the Fremont County sheriff's office says children know of it as "pass-out game," the "fainting game," the "tingling game" or the "something dreaming game." The boy's mother reported him missing last Thursday when he didn't come home after visiting a friend. Emergency workers found his body, hanging from a tree, near his home the next day.

Three months ago, Idaho officials found 13-year-old Chelsea Dunn hanging in her closet. Dunn's family thinks she died accidentally while playing the game. A child psychologist says kids have likely been doing this a long time. He urges parents to discuss the risks with their kids.