Police: Man found doused in gasoline, carrying gun facing multiple charges

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Middletown police said a man found covered in gasoline and carrying a gun is believed to have set fires at two different businesses, in addition to vandalizing cars at Pierson Automotive causing nearly $10,000 worth of damage.

Security video from around 3 a.m. on Sunday show Aaron Cypret of West Plains, Missouri tearing into cars at the dealership.

"The guy was kicking and punching and chewing on the car. It looked like he was chewing on it... then he was on the hood, he was on the trunk lid, the roof, he was all over it," General Sales Manager of Pierson Automotive General John Johnson said.

The rampage went on for about 15 minutes damaging new cars and employee's cars.

"An employee's car got the mirror knocked off and a bunch of dents in it the door tail lights busted out," Johnson said.

According to police, Cypret went from the car dealership to a funeral home right next door where they said he tore out some of the plumbing and a little bit of the landscaping.

He then went to a nearby Jiffy Lube, where police said he doused the place in gasoline and set it on fire, but right across the street at Lowe's, the fire department was also responding to a blaze.

Police said Cypret had set some landscaping on fire right in front of the store. Then, Johnson said he made a second appearance back at the car dealership.

He told police he was in town working for a flooring company. He said he got into some kind of a fight with friends at a bar, and it went south from there.

Cypret is charged with arson, theft of a firearm and vandalism.

He's now in the Middletown Jail and is due in court July 24.

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