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Sixteen Cincinnati residents indicted in fentanyl trafficking ring

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Sixteen individuals were indicted Thursday with charges related to the trafficking of fentanyl in Cincinnati over the last nine months.

According to the U.S. Attorney's office, the drug trafficking organization distributed more than 400 grams of the narcotic from September 2016 to June 26.

The federal grand jury's indictment, which involves the "distribution of fentanyl, maintaining drug-involved premises, firearms offenses and money-laundering," accumulates to a total of 45 drug-related charges. 

Authorities say each defendant played a key role in the perpetuation of the drug conspiracy, performing different tasks to conduct and promote the distribution of the powerful drug. These roles included "leader, supplier of drugs, packager, holder, intermediary, helper, stash house operator and launderer of drug proceeds." 

Various text messages allegedly sent to defendants' cell phones displayed conversations involving the quality and quantity of fentanyl.

Officials say buyers allegedly texted the defendants with complaints about being "shorted" and asking for "fronts" on drugs.

The Attorney General provided examples of text messages between defendants and customers.:

For example, on August 13, 2016, Mathews received a text message stating “Chris ur … scale is off. I can take my grand a week else where!”

A message received a month later stated: “bro I cant barely move im so sick but no money yet today. Can I get a little bit on credit?”

Walker received a similar message from a user saying the user was “going out of town” and “just don’t want to be sick.”

Defendants also allegedly received text messages complaining about the quality of the drugs, including messages like “this…getting supppeerr weak btw kinda sucks a lil” and “…that was pure garbage. Did absolutely nothing. Big waste of $70! Pure waste.”

In addition, messages that contained drug-related conversations between the defendants were found. Members of the drug trafficking organization had multiple discussions over text regarding drug transactions, undercover police, surveillance and others dealers selling bad dope.

"Six of the defendants are also charged with laundering thousands of dollars of their drug money by renting dozens of cars, which were in turn used to support the drug-trafficking operation," U.S. Attorney Benjamin Glassman stated.

A date is not yet set for the defendants to face a judge.

List of the defendants: 

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