Residents fought to escape floods

Residents fought to escape floods

MASON COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - In Maysville, KY, people desperately trying to escape the floods were willing to do almost anything to get to safety. One group even took cover in a local business.

"Just came all at once, all at once. I mean it was down pouring rain. I look out and the creek is up, and then I hear a swooshing sound. I go out on the porch. I look down and hear a crack. The tree went down, and everything just started washing away," resident Patsy Dorcea said.

Residents in Maysville and Mason County came face to face with massive floods in just a matter of minutes.

"A lot of people are hurting here in Mason County now," resident Arthur Whiteman said.

In acts of desperation, neighbors were forced to make quick decisions in order to survive.  The owners of one local business said their auto shop turned into a safe haven.

"We have a surveillance camera. We watched that, and we saw four people come through that door, and they were trying to escape the flood," business owner Betsy Reese said.

Using a gun, the group shot the door open and ran to the upstairs level of the building while they dialed 911.

"They were scared. We could tell because they were visibly shaken when they came through the door... talking about they were afraid they were going to drown and things like that," Reese said.

A washed out bridge trapped another family, leaving them with no option other than to trample through the woods.

Some are already dealing with damage, while others haven't had a chance to see what the floods left behind.

"It's horrible, and I don't know what we're going to do," Dorcea said.

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