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Cincinnati police investigate threat against FOP leader after BLM post

Sgt. Dan Hils (Jennifer Baker/FOX19 NOW) Sgt. Dan Hils (Jennifer Baker/FOX19 NOW)

The leader of the union that represents Cincinnati police confirmed Monday he has received threats after writing a Facebook post to Black Lives Matter tallying up the number of African Americans killed this year.

Cincinnati police are investigating Facebook comments targeting Sgt. Dan Hils that were threatening and intimidating between 11:30 p.m. Saturday and 12:30 a.m. Sunday, a copy of the incident report shows.

The case is classified as telecommunications harassment.

"It is very concerning when people feel the need to threaten someone when they post an opinion and statement on social media," Hils said.

"I stand by my statement. The threat felt very real. We are merely trying to protect those so they can protest and express their opinions this is a great concern."

The report shows there is a suspect in the case who is a stranger to Hils, who made the post Saturday morning, just hours before several groups including Black Lives Matter held a rally on Fountain Square and then marched to The Banks.

Hundreds attended the demonstration after Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters announced earlier in the week he would not seek a third trial for a white former University of Cincinnati police officer who is white in the fatal shooting of a black motorist at a 2015 traffic stop.

The rally ended peacefully with no arrests.

Here is Hils' entire post. As of Monday night, it had been shared 569 times and received 1,300 likes.

"Dear Black Lives Matter Protestors (sic),

I wish to help your objective at the rally today protesting black lives lost. I have the list of the homicide victims in the city of Cincinnati in 2017. As of July 17th, there have been 39 homicides. Of those homicides, 32 of the 39 homicide victims were black.

"Thirty-two black lives taken before their time. Thirty-two black lives taken violently. Due to your group name, I have omitted mention of the seven white murder victims. But, back to my point I wanted to let you know first how many of those black lives lost were in police interventions. Ok, get ready for it……………hold on and take a deep breath……………are you sure that you are ready?.................Ok, that’s right it is zero (0), not a one, zilch.

"I know the names you will have on your signs, but may I suggest these names as well; Deandre Berry (killed 1/1/17), Deante Mattocks (killed 1/8/17), Terrence Woods (killed 1/12/17), Troy Smith (killed 1/13/17), Alexandrea Thompson (9 years old, killed 1/18/17), Corrye Barwick Jr. (killed 1/28/17), Twanda Alexander (killed 2/7/17), Donald Campbell (killed 2/14/17), Casey Roby (killed 2/16/17), Trevor Tiemann (killed 2/19/17), Michael Chichester (killed 3/13/17), Tyrone Frazier(killed 3/18/17), OBryan Spikes (killed 3/26/17), Tyler Lee (killed 4/2/17), Deondre Davis (killed 4/4/17), Jamar Hayes (killed 4/17/17), Kendall Perkins (killed 4/18/17), DeShawn Jenkins (killed 4/18/17), Omar Mohommad (killed 4/25/17), Judson Roper Jr. (killed 4/27/17), Jahmaria Cruz (killed 5/14/17), Anthony Gray (killed 5/16/17), Shawnice Johnson (killed 5/18/17), William Bell (killed 522/17), Troy Donald (killed 5/31/17), Boris Tolliver (killed 6/1/17), Jeremy Rohe (killed 6/14/17), Keonte Walker (killed 6/20/17), Jonathan Taylor (killed 7/1/17), William Thomas (killed 7/4/17), Dontae Whaley (killed 7/5/17), and Rafeal Harrison (killed 7/17/17).

"Cincinnati’s police officers responded to each of these homicide scenes exposing themselves to unknown physical risk. Our detectives have spent countless hours trying to find who is responsible for the homicides above along with the seven white victims that I did not list. Your CPD knows that all lives matter. How about a sign in support of police officers battling this violence?

"Try to stay hydrated it is going to very warm."

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