NKY Golden Corral stays open without running water

A customer snapped a photo of the makeshift "Hand washing station"." (Provided)
A customer snapped a photo of the makeshift "Hand washing station"." (Provided)

FORT WRIGHT, KY (FOX19) - The northern Kentucky Health Department was forced to temporarily close a Golden Corral after the restaurant stayed open for hours without water.

The incident left some diners without an appetite.

Danny Purnell stopped at the Fort Wright Golden Corral Friday and noticed that the soda was flat and the servers were running low on clean utensils. He knew something was off, but didn't put it together until he went into the bathroom.

"I look at all the urinals there's three on the wall full. All gold, gold, gold," Purnell said. And that wasn't the worst part, Purnell claims.

He took photos showing full toilets that wouldn't flush. A bucket of water with a sign reading "hand washing station" was sitting next to the broken sink.

"It was kind of brown looking and I was like 'I ain't sticking my hands in that.' I go back to the table and I told my wife that they don't have no water here," Purnell said.

Several complaints prompted the health department to pay a visit to the Golden Corral.

Emily Gresham Wherle, the Public Information Administrator for the Northern Kentucky Independent District Health Department, said a water line broke and shut the water off for several hours. Several businesses were affected and closed on their own.

It is a food code violation for a restaurant to stay open without running water, but Golden Corral wasn't cited because the management agreed to shut down when asked by the health inspector.

Officials determined there was not a lingering health concern, but inspectors will return to the Golden Corral later this week to make sure all procedures are being followed.

The water was turned back on around 2 p.m., Wherle said.

Golden Corral's corporate office released a statement saying: We are aware of a water main break that occurred on Friday, July 21st in the vicinity of our Golden Corral location in Ft. Wright, KY that reduced water pressure at the restaurant for a short period of time. Later that afternoon, water pressure levels returned to normal. The safety of our guests and employees is our first priority.

The health department maintains the was completely shut off for that short period of time.

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