Rescuers: Dogs, cats mysteriously found dead near railroad tracks

BUTLER COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Officials and animal rescuers are working to find out why dogs and cats are mysteriously showing up dead near railroad tracks in Butler County.

Animal bones, carcasses and dogs have been found pieces on and around the railway near Vannest Avenue in Middletown.

Meg Melampy, the president of Joseph's Legacy Rescue, said she has never seen anything like it.

"It's strange. It's eerie for sure," Melampy said.

She believes there are at least two dead dogs and five to six dead cats in the area that are in varying states of decomposition.

Melampy said it appears obvious that some of the animals were not hit by a train.

"One [dog] is completely in tact. It's all together in one piece," Melampy said. "There are no bones thrown everywhere."

Other animals are now only skeletons which is leaving some neighbors wondering what happened.

"If it was maybe one, you'd think oh it was an accident or it was sick, but to see so many bones laying around, it brings up a lot of questions as to how they got out here and who could be responsible for this," Mary Oliver, who works with a rescue and lives near the tracks, said.

Butler County Deputy Dog Wardens are aware. Melampy said she saw them walk the track themselves as part of their investigation Monday.

She hopes they are able to figure out what led to the bizarre situation.

"We would just like to know why," Melampy said. "So many animals don't just come to one spot and die."

In the meantime, rescuers are urging pet owners to take extra precautions by keeping them within sight at all times.

"People will steal your dogs. They'll sell them for profit, or they'll dog fight them. You never know," Oliver said. "We don't want anybody else's pets getting hurt."

Anyone with information on the animal deaths is asked to contact the dog warden office or Joseph's Legacy.

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