Family urges victim to come forward after security camera catches street attack

Donna Anderson (FOX19 NOW)
Donna Anderson (FOX19 NOW)

CARTHAGE, OH (FOX19) - A Carthage family is asking a victim to come forward after their home surveillance cameras caught the woman being assaulted on the street.

The video shows a man chase after a woman before hitting and throwing her onto the concrete.

Donna Anderson said the beating happened Sunday night along West 70th Street near Vine.

Her husband heard a commotion and ran outside to confront the suspect. About 30 seconds into the video, he can be seen running toward the man armed with a large object in-hand.

Anderson said she called police but authorities said they couldn't provide much help without a victim. She is encouraging the victim to come forward so charges can be brought against the attacker.

It's not clear if the man and woman in the video know each other.

"It's scary because we got so many perverts and so much stuff going on around this neighborhood," she said.  "The drugs and prostitution, the dope, I mean everything it's bad."

Police say they are investigating the incident.

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