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Fort Thomas couple says furniture was leaking unknown liquid

Pouches found inside couch (provided) Pouches found inside couch (provided)
Inside furniture (provided) Inside furniture (provided)

A Fort Thomas couple wants to know what was inside pouches that they said they found inside the lining of their furniture.

Courtney Basone said that she and her husband purchased a sofa and a couch from the Value City Furniture location in Florence in September 2016.

Last week, Basone said they noticed puddles of an unknown liquid under their couch and on their rug.

"We flipped the couch over, and we found packets in the couch leaking," Basone said.

The couple unzipped the couch liner and said that they found more of the substance in pouches.

"My coach was soaked in this oil, and there was probably 10 more packets stapled to the board and the couch," Basone said.

According to Basone, she immediately contacted the Value City that sold her the furniture, and a manager and employee came out to remove the pouches and eventually the furniture.

"The general manager at Value City said he's been there 17 years and has never seen anything like this," Basone said. "No one knows what it is."

A website is listed on the packets. The online product picture shows that the pouches are made up of pellets. A translated description indicates that they are used with shipping as a way to prevent mold and moisture.

Without more information and an explanation on how and why the insides turned to liquid, Basone and her family remain uneasy.

"Freaking out not knowing what chemical it is. I have children. I have dogs. I don't know if the dog licked it, if the kids touched it," Basone told FOX19 NOW.

Basone said that Value City gave them new furniture and agreed to have the rug professionally cleaned, but she is hoping they will replace the rug entirely instead.

She said she really just wants to know what the substance is.

"We've been laying on this couch since September, breathing in whatever's leaking," Basone said. "I just want to make sure that everyone is safe and let people know that if you get a leather couch from Value City or anywhere else, I don't know, you need to check it to make sure this stuff isn't in there."

Basone said that she and her family are trying to get the liquid tested.

FOX19 NOW reached out to Value City through phone calls, emails and social media, but has not heard back from them.

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