Police searching for Goshen Twp car thief

Police searching for Goshen Twp car thief

GOSHEN TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Police are searching for a man after they said he stole items from inside one car in Goshen Township, and then stole a vehicle next door.

In surveillance video provided by the homeowners you can see the man ride into a neighborhood on his bike when he stops in a driveway to try doors on the parked cars.

The man finds one that is unlocked and starts going through every compartment he can get into.

"We try to educate people that if you have things in your car that are visible, that's a temptation for people that want to come by and take advantage of that and break into your car," Lt. Steve Saunders said.

Residents then said the suspect walked next door, opened another car door, hopped in the driver's seat and managed to get the car going.

The suspect then turns off the lights so he wouldn't wake the owners.

The vehicle's owner said the car was recovered in Cincinnati, but police said the man in the video remains at large.

Anyone with information on the man captured in the video should contact Goshen Township Police or Miami Township Police Department.