Downtown bus station treated for pests after video shows insects in benches

Downtown bus station treated for pests after video shows insects in benches

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A video on social media prompted Metro transportation officials to treat the Government Square bus station for pests Friday.

The Facebook video shows small insects crawling out of the wooden benches at downtown's main transit exchange. Those in the video described the insects as "bed bugs," but a Metro spokesperson said they do not "have any confirmation from the pest control company as to what type of pest it is."

Dean of Behavioral and Natural Sciences Dr. Gene Kritsky said bedbugs were a pesky part of everyday life before WWII and powerful now-outlawed pesticides.

"They were in buses, they were on trains, they were in cars, in train benches, what have you, so what seems shocking now, was quite common at the turn of the century," he said.

Kritsky said the video shows clearly what the pests were.

"The video's amazing... the video's clear, they are bed bugs," he said.

Metro was notified of the issue and immediately dispatched a company to treat the problem, officials said.

"Like any public place (movie theater, retail store, restaurant), Metro is aggressive about addressing any pest issues. Government Square is power washed and cleaned daily," Metro said.

Buses are treated for pests on a regular basis, according to Metro.

"We appreciate our customers notifying us if they believe they have seen any pests on buses or at any of our facilities and it will be immediately treated as we work to diligently ensure our service is clean and pest free," Metro said.

WARNING: Video contains explicit language

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