Homeowner said strangers were living in their house while at work

Homeowner said strangers were living in their house while at work

MT. AUBURN, OH (FOX19) - For the past three weeks there has been something strange going on inside a Mt. Auburn home located in the 500 block of Carmalt Street.

The homeowners said they started to notice things after they got back from work. The two are gone by 7 a.m. and usually return in the evening time around 6 p.m., but things were not adding up.

Mickell Heard-Thomas said she would shower around 5 a.m. and come home around 6 p.m. only to notice her cloths and towels were soaking wet.

She said windows left up would be down, a tooth brush that did not belong to her or her husband was found inside, her 8-year-old's bedroom smelled like fornication, food was missing out of the deep freezer, and her husband's gold watch and ring mysteriously disappeared.

Thomas said her husband heard voices, and when he went to check things out the voices were gone and the back screen door was wide open.

A neighbor told them he had video of someone heading toward their property.

A man and a woman were not just on the property, but they were living in the home while the Thomas's were at work.

"It makes you feel violated," said Mickell Heard-Thomas. "It's one thing to break-in to somebody's house, but to be coming in here?"

Her husband David, spotted two people sleeping in sleeping bags in their backyard a few days ago. She said he told them he knew it was them in their home and asked them to stay out.

The victims don't know how the unwelcome guests got into the home, but believe it may have been through an unlocked window.

Heard-Thomas said her husband filed a police report with the fourth district, and neighbors told her they will keep an eye on their home while they are at work.

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