Lebanon Police searching for suspect believed to be connected to two armed robberies

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - The Lebanon Police Department is searching for a suspect they believe is connected to two armed robberies, including one at Larosa's that was caught on surveillance video.

"The safety of the community is paramount to us, especially the fact that he's coming in armed with a weapon. We want to make sure we get him off the streets as quickly as possible," Detective Sgt. Matt Weithofer said.

The man, now believed to be responsible for another armed robbery a week earlier, calmly walked in the front door and went right up to the counter and waited.

"We have reason to believe that a robbery that was a week earlier at the Black Barn, here in Lebanon, is probably going to be the same suspect. Matches the description quite well, some of the same operational aspects to it," Weithofer said.

Instead of going right for the register, the suspect waited at the counter with a bandana covering his face, and a gun in his hand waiting for someone to come out.

When an employee walked out front she saw the gun and disappeared into the back.

"She was very quick to think and got herself out of a dangerous situation but, like always, with these types of situations just comply and let us come in and help out," Weithofer said.

The video shows the man slowly backing away from the register and disappearing out the door without taking anything.

Lebanon Police are asking anyone with information to contact them.

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