Police: Man hurled can of beer in Delhi Skirt Game attack

DELHI TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - A 20-year-old Bridgetown man is accused of hurling a can of unopened beer at a victim and kicking him in the head, seriously injuring him, at the Delhi Skirt Game.

Peyton James Walpole is set to face a judge Tuesday on a felonious assault charge. He is held without bond at the Hamilton County jail.

According to court records, Walpole got into an argument with several people while attending the annual event Friday that raises money for charity at Delhi Park.

When the victim tried to peacefully intervene, Walpole kept shouting expletives and displaying "turbulent" behavior," Delhi police wrote in a sworn affidavit filed in Hamilton County Municipal Court.

He ran away a few feet, turned and threw an unopened can of beer at the victim.

Curt Carpenter, who said he was the victim in the attack, said the beer can was "thrown like a fast ball."

"I turned around and I got drilled in the face with an unopened beer can from about six or seven feet away," Carpenter said.

The unopened can of beer struck his left eye, shattering bone around the oribital cavity, police wrote in the sworn statement.

"(Walpole) then ran up to the victim while he was on the ground and began kicking him in the head. The victim sustained numerous lacerations to his left ear, left eye and right cheek.

"The victim was partially treated with eleven stitches under the skin and nine stitches outside of the skin to close the laceration above his left eye."

Several witnesses and the victim picked Walpole out of a police lineup as the suspect, the affidavit states.

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