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Bosley Bombshells

Amy Bosley went to court Tuesday morning asking a judge to lower her million dollar bond. And in the process, surprising new evidence about the case against her and her private marriage problems took center stage.

Her lawyer, Jim Morgan, asked police investigators about Bosley's husband, Bobby. On the stand, Lt. David Fickenscher, the lead investigator in the case, testified the couple had major financial problems. "Mrs. Bosley, in her original statement, told us they were going to lose everything," Fickenscher says.

Amy Bosley was arrested for murder ten days after she claimed a man broke into their Campbell County home and attacked Bobby while he was sleeping. He was shot six times, with the couple's two children sleeping upstairs.

Fickenscher says the IRS was investigating Bobby for tax evasion. He said Bobby had not filed federal income taxes in years. He said Bobby usually carried a gun and a large amount of cash with him.

Fickenscher says investigators found marijuana in a safe inside the small business Bobby owned. In addition, he says, they also found photographs of Bobby on his boat with other women. He says the photos were sexual in nature.

But the testimony also involved new details of the evidence against Amy. Fickenscher says the first officers on the scene the morning of the murder found a shell casing on the bed next to Bobby's body. But the casing disappeared.

"There pretty much was only one person in the room with him," Fickenscher says, "that being Amy Bosley."

Investigators testified that Amy was left alone in the house while they gathered evidence. They believe she took the shell and hid them with others in an unlikely place. "They were wrapped up in a towel," Fickenscher says, "in the bottom of a washing machine that was full of water and clothes."

In addition to the shells, Morgan asked Fickenscher about a baseball bat investigators believe Amy used to shatter a glass door to fake a break-in. Some glass particles found in the bat are consistant with the glass from the door.

Morgan also argued to get his client's bond reduced. He said Amy is not a flight risk and the million dollar bond is too high considering, among other things, the fact she has never been arrested before.

The judge is expected to make a decision on her bond by the end of the week.

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