Middletown resident concerned support for police is triggering vandals

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - A Middletown resident is concerned that her support for police is what triggered vandals to throw a rock through her front window.

Karen Garitson has lived in Middletown for most of her life and has been living at her current residence for the last five years without much issues. But this week that changed when someone repeatedly threw rocks at her home until busting out her front window.

"I turned around and saw that the curtain was kind of bent in and I pulled it back and saw the big gaping hole in the window," Garitson said.

The mother of two children with disabilities is concerned because she thinks the blue lights on the front of her home are what triggered the problem.

"We like to show our support for the police officers because we know they're our friends and we're thinking that maybe someone didn't like that, that we were showing that support," Garitson said.

The Middletown mom hopes sharing her story will encourage neighbors to continue to watch out for one another.

"Neighbors are the best thing to watch out and keep an eye out for each other," Garitson said.

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