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Snap Search

Search engine pioneer working up new twist

Serial entrepreneur Bill Gross is at work again and Web search engines may be in for another overhaul.

People scoffed when Gross proposed an online search engine that ranked results based on how much advertisers were willing to pay to have their links tied to specific search terms. The concept turned search engines into huge moneymaking machines.

Now Gross hopes to shake things up again with Snap-dot-com, providing another commercial twist on search engines that also promises to deliver better results for advertisers.

Sponsors now typically pay a fee each time their sponsored link is clicked on by a user. Because a large percentage of clicks are bogus -- done by people or programs with no intention of buying anything -- Snap will use a 'cost per action' system that only charges ad commissions when a purchase is made.

The system is gearing up now to shift out of test phase.

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