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Business owner considering relocation after two store break-ins in two days

Damage at store (provided) Damage at store (provided)
Broken door (provided) Broken door (provided)

The owner of a Middletown business is considering relocating his store after someone, or a group of people, broke into his shop twice in two days.

Police throughout the Tri-State investigate burglaries from time to time, but Clarence Angel Junior said that his situation is different than most because he was a victim two times.  

Angel owns Game Corner on Central Avenue in Middletown. He said that he opened his store there in March because other business owners were moving there in hopes of revitalizing the downtown area. Game Corner sells a variety of video games from different eras.

Angel said that he is now facing a setback because someone broke into his shop by breaking a door window on Saturday around 1 a.m. The thief, or thieves, made off with hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise.

"They knew what was where which was the more expensive stuff like the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, Wii U," Angel said. "It has hit us pretty hard. We've had to borrow money to cover some of the bills this month."

The security system alarm sounded, according to Angel, and the police responded, but the suspect, or suspects, got away.

Angel spent the rest of the early morning hours on Saturday inside the shop until he said he was able to get the door replaced.

He went back to business as usual until the burglars returned for round two Sunday morning. They got away with less merchandise, but left behind another shattered window and a broken door.

"We're out between $1500 - $2000 in merchandise and damages," Angel said.

Angel called police again the second time and said that investigators are hot on the trail and may have a key suspect.

In the meantime, Angel said that he is looking to move shop to a new location perhaps in a new city.

"If this is just going to keep happening, we can't afford to keep replacing doors every week just to stay open over here," Angel said. "It's a shame that the town is getting so bad to the point where you have to stay in your own business overnight to make sure that people aren't robbing it."

Angel said that he is boosting store security again to try to keep the thieves out. He also mentioned that some customers have donated items to help out.

Angel told FOX19 NOW that police are still investigating and believe a teenager may have been involved.

If you have information on the crimes, you're asked to contact police and report it.

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