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Simply Money: 1st Amendment rights on social media

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While the First Amendment protects your right to share your political or social views, it doesn't guarantee you won't get fired for it. It's a lesson some neo-Nazis are learning the hard way now.

Twitter accounts like "Yes, you're racist" are working to publicly identify alt-right and neo-Nazi protesters from the march in Charlottesville, Virginia. And already, some of those men have been fired from their jobs. 

While you may not feel sympathetic to them, it's important to know that while you can share political views in public or on social media, you could lose your job, if your boss finds them objectionable. 

Federal law protects your right to organize a union, speak up about working conditions or report discrimination, but it does not extend to political activism, even on your free time.

Only a few states forbid employers from firing workers for their politics, and Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana aren't among them.

Be very careful about what you say online or at public events, and if you don't know your company's policy on this, now's the time to ask HR about it. 

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