Simply Money: Class action lawsuits

Simply Money: Class action lawsuits

FOX19 - If you want to get in on some big class action settlements, you're running out of time.

Big companies frequently settle class action lawsuits over defective products or misleading claims, but if you've bought products involved in a few big settlements you need to apply for your refund fast.

If you bought Wild Planet and Sustainable Seas canned tuna, you could get up to $29 back, courtesy of a class action lawsuit. The suit came because of consumer claims that the tuna cans were underfilled. If you bought that tuna, you can file a claim for your cash, but you have to do it by next Friday, Aug. 25.

Another big settlement right now involves NatureMade Triple Flex Supplements. Consumers sued Nature Made saying that supplement didn't deliver the benefits claimed on the labels. Nature Made isn't admitting anything, but will refund up to $100 in cash to people who bought those supplements between May 2007 and this past June.

There are a number of other open settlements you may be eligible for. See the full list here.

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