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ATM skimming scam reported in northern Kentucky

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Police are investigating a skimming scheme at a northern Kentucky bank.

At least two customers reported bank card fraud after using the ATM at U.S. Bank in Crescent Springs.

The skimmer device was planted on Aug. 9 and again on Aug. 10, according to a bank spokesperson.

“Our fraud team investigated and although no skimmer was present when they investigated, we replaced the card reader as a precaution,” the spokesperson said. The bank did not say how many customers could have been affected.

The suspect who planted the device was likely gathering bank card information and cash through another device at the U.S. Bank ATM at the Pavilion Parkway Kroger, according to Newport Police.

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Newport police have opened an investigation and it’s not clear whether the suspect was caught on surveillance video.  

The scam involves an unactivated prepaid card, according to Detective Dennis McCarthy is the lead investigator on the case.

“He swipes that card through another device, which imprints the bank information on the magnetic strip,” McCarthy explained. “He’s able to then use that as a bank card and he goes to the ATM and swipes it and it delivers all the information.”

McCarthy suggested a few simple rules so you don’t fall victim to skimmers:

  • Go to the bank teller to get your money
  • Use ATM’s physically connected to a bank not stand alones which may not have cameras near it.
  • Don’t let your card out of your sight even at restaurants. Not that anyone there is stealing anything but he notes it only takes about three seconds for the wrong hands to get ahold of your information.
  • Use the bank associated with your card.
  • Check the ATM. Sometimes you can just pull the skimming device right off the ATM.

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