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Former Mason HS student reveals racist exchange with person of interest in Charlottesville beating

Daniel Borden (Facebook/ShaunKing) Daniel Borden (Facebook/ShaunKing)

Charlottesville Police on Friday said they continue to investigate the "egregious assault" of a black man during white supremacist protest that turned violent last week.

One person of interest in the beating case is Daniel Borden – a former student at Mason High School.

Borden has a passing history in the Tri-State area. He briefly went to Mason High School, never graduated and no longer lives in the city. But the Facebook exchanges he had with a former classmate about a year ago now have the attention of Mason Police.

Screenshots of the exchange were posted to Facebook by Jordan Hardee. It’s being wildly shared and contains heavily racist overtones and threats to kill blacks and Jews.

"Absolutely despicable, especially when you take into context, the messages he sent me, that he wanted to literally murder innocent black people," said Hardee, who recognized Borden in the video and photos from Charlottesville. He felt it his duty to share with police screen captures he took of a disturbing, hate-filled rant in his online conversation with Borden.  

It all started a year ago when the two former classmates connected over Facebook. Borden began to berate Hardee over his profile photo – an image of Rosa Luxemburg, a German Jew who Hardee considers one of his personal heroes.

"He's a staunch anti-Semite," said Hardee, referring to Borden. "He sent me this message, basically a big F-You and started saying all this awful stuff I'm not gonna repeat, but eventually, I got him to come around."

Borden never accepted Hardee’s Facebook friend request, but continued messaging with him anyway.

In one particular message, Borden allegedly wrote, "Go see if those West Side n-word will treat you the same as the kids in Mason. If I could round people up to shoot, I'd start right in that town."

When Hardee responds, “Good luck with that! You'd be shot instantly,” it appears Borden wrote back, “I know lol dreams right."

Borden’s classmates recognized him in images from the violence in Virginia. One photo shows several men attacking 20-year-old Deandre Harris in a parking garage. One of those men appears to be Borden.

He has not been charged with a crime. Earlier this week, police confirmed he was a person of interest in the assault.

"I think people like this need to be exposed for what they are. Their views are fundamentally based on racism, bigotry, and just hatred," said Hardee.

Hardee's Facebook post has already been shared more than 4,000 times. We reached out to Charlottesville Police, also the Mason Police Department. Neither knows where Borden is yet, but they believe he's in hiding and doubtful he's anywhere near Mason.

His Facebook account was also deleted shortly after the Charlottesville attack.

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