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Police: Cop impersonator arrested; handguns seized

Jacob Staton (Butler County Sheriff's Office) Jacob Staton (Butler County Sheriff's Office)

A man is out of jail on bond after being charged with impersonation of a peace officer.

Jacob Staton, 21, walked up to a man in a vehicle early Friday morning on Linden Drive, identified himself as a police officer and then discussed alleged traffic violations, Oxford police said.

"The caller became alarmed when the I.D. presented by the 'officer' was clearly illegitimate and then went into his residence to call the real police," said Oxford Police in a post on social media. "Further investigation proved this situation was even more disturbing."

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Police officers found Staton nearby and said they discovered three handguns, a bulletproof vest, flashlights and firearm magazines in his car.

"Three handguns, two of them were loaded, various flashlights, a couple knives, military-grade backpacks and duffel bags," said Lt. Lara Fening with the Oxford Police Department.

He was also intoxicated, according to officials.

The man, who was detained by Staton, talked about the terrifying incident. 

"I saw a man approaching my vehicle from the left side, I got out of my car and he identified himself as an Oxford police officer," the victim, who asked not to be identified, said. 

Staton told him he was violating some kind of license law, and shined a bright LED flashlight in his face.

"It was weird because he tripped over what he was saying, he initially said I didn't have a license plate on my car, and I said 'I do, it's right there,'" he said.

When they walked around to see his license plate, he demanded to see the phony officer's badge.

"He tried to flip it and flash it in my face and I grabbed it with my hand and pulled it closer to look at it... and it was like an embroidered badge, it didn't look real. I couldn't read anything on it," the man said. "I backed away and told him that's some fake a** bulls***. And I took off running."

He called 911 and Staton took off.

"He was dead set on something. I have no idea what his end game was, what he was trying to get out of me," the man said.

Staton was charged with impersonation of a peace officer, using weapons while intoxicated and improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle.

He bonded out of the Butler County jail after a hearing on Monday.

"That's incredibly surprising and frightening to me that this person is not being slapped with a handful of felonies," the man said. 

Oxford Police said if you're ever stopped, look at the car, their badge and ask for their ID.

"If you ever have doubt about the legitimacy of a police officer, look to see if the police cruiser has markings, look at the officer's badge, and ask for the officer's identification- OPD officers carry their identification card on them. If you still are unsure, you may call 911 to verify you are being stopped legitimately," said Oxford Police.

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