Terminally ill boy meets his favorite hero, Batman

Photo: Thu Dao Facebook
Photo: Thu Dao Facebook

FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19) - Walter " Superbubz" Herbert, 6, has Stage 4 cancer and just weeks to a month to live.

That grim diagnosis was set aside Saturday when his favorite superhero, Batman,, paid him a visit at his Fairfield home.

"He was never into superheroes. Then he was diagnosed and everyone started sending Superman, Batman and the name "Superbubz stuck," said his father, Wally Herbert.

The family has chosen to spend their final weeks enjoying time at home together.

"We have the option of sitting in the hospital giving him drug after drug right now with the idea that it may not even work either. One drug has high kidney failure risk and he only has one. Or, we can come out have a good time, treat what we can and give him some of the drugs. We just want to see him enjoy everyday. He wants to go to a beach. We haven't given up yet," Herbert said.

Zian Burns heard about Superbubz from his mother, Denise Burns, a criminalist with Cincinnati police. She received an email from a co-worker asking whose son dressed up as Batman for children's birthday parties.

Zian, who hopes to follow in his mom's footsteps and took the police recruit Saturday morning, was only too happy to spend time with Superbubz.

He brought the boy a gift bag of toys and a "Batman and Bubz" t-shirt.

"I do it for the kids. I like to make to them happy," he said.

"If brings a smile to their face and makes them happy it's all worth it."

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