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Hamilton residents seeking change after apparent OD caught on camera


Residents are continuing to seek change after an apparent drug overdose was caught on security cameras in a Hamilton neighborhood.

The owner of the video footage said it is from Aug. 17 and was filmed around 2 p.m. The main camera points to an alleyway near Dixie Highway and Emery in the Lindenwald area.

Darryl Blankenship, who discovered the footage on his security cameras, said that he is sharing the video, which may be disturbing to some, to bring attention to the ongoing drug issues plaguing the Tri-State.

"This can't keep going on. It can't. It cannot," Blankenship said.

At first, the video shows two men walking down the alley. Several minutes later, the men are seen on video again. This time, the video appears to show one of the men overdosing and collapsing to the ground where he remains lifeless. His companion immediately walks away and out of frame.

"That's how bad the drug is," Blankenship said. "For you to walk away from your friend, that's a bad drug."

As time ticks by, the man in the white shirt is seen coming back into the camera's view with a few other people. The video shows the group standing in the street and repeatedly going over to the man in the grass. At one point, they appear to be rolling him over.

The group disappears out of view when an ambulance shows up more than five minutes after the man fell to the ground. It's not clear who called for help or when, but it may have been too late. 

"It's bad everywhere," Blankenship said. "It's bad. It's crazy. Needs something done about it."

For neighbor Vicky Webb, the video hits too close to home. She said that her son, Josh, died in April when he overdosed. The people he was with, according to Webb, took her son's belongings, abandoned his body and never dialed 911.

"Somebody loves that person. Somebody will appreciate that phone call. My son did not get that phone call either," Webb said. "It's destroying families. It's ripping families apart."

Hamilton Police have not confirmed whether the man seemingly overdosing in the footage has passed away.

They said they are aware of the video and are investigating, but added that investigators must understand the totality of what is on the video to be sure that it meets the criteria of a chargeable and provable crime by law.

Police stated that they are attempting a more aggressive approach towards dealers and suppliers.

"They [addicts] have a family. They have people who love them. They don't deserve to die like that. Just help them," Webb said.

According to Hamilton Police, public overdoses are not uncommon.

"It's a struggle all neighborhoods and walks of life are experiencing right now," Sgt. Brian Robinson told FOX19 NOW. "We hope the pendulum swings back at any time, because public safety resources have become stretched and strained by the opiate epidemic."

Lindenwald residents said that they know the problem is widespread, but they are discussing potential local solutions, such as adding treatment centers

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