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NKY mother waited weeks for airline response for delayed luggage


A trip to London started off with a little turbulence for a Northern Kentucky family after a mother said American Airlines wasn’t able to get their luggage across the pond at the time they were arriving.

Jennifer Von Handorf said their luggage arrived five days after they did in London and the airline promised to reimburse her for items Von Handorf and her two daughters would immediately need.

“At each step along the way they said 'go ahead and get whatever you need, we'll reimburse you, no problem. Just save your receipts and just send them in,'” she said. 

The Hebron woman documented all of their expenses and tried to file for reimbursement after the trip was over, but claims she struggled to reach anyone to assist with her claim.

Von Handorf said she filled out a reimbursement form she found online and faxed it into American Airlines, but struggled to receive confirmation of her submission.

As weeks passed her concern grew over whether the claim would be settled.

She said repeated attempts to call the customer service line resulted in more than three hours of time on hold without ever getting to speak with a representative.

“My first call they sent me to a baggage claim number, and they put me on hold and I was on hold for about 15-20 minutes and I had an appointment to get to... so I just decided to call back.” Von Handorf said. “I called back and I was on hold for three hours, over three hours.”

FOX19 NOW reached out to American Airlines regarding her claim and were informed the company had made direct contact with her.

Von Handorf confirms that the issue now appears to be on-track to get resolved, but is concerned over the measures she had to go to in order to receive a non-automated response from the company.

“I’ve worked in customer service my whole adult life and I would be mortified to treat somebody the way that I was treated. I mean, to go a month and a half and not even acknowledge the other person who is reaching out to you and going through all of the avenues that you’ve commanded them to go through… it’s disheartening,” she said.

Von Handorf said after her most recent conversation with American Airlines her delayed baggage claim appears to be close to completion.

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