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Hurricane Harvey could hit your wallet at the pump

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With evacuations and an incredible storm surge there, people in Texas are bracing for the worst . We've been keeping an eye on the refineries there and the potential for major damage to those facilities.  Depending on how this all shakes out with Hurricane Harvey, we could see a spike in gas prices here that could last weeks.

We won’t know more though until Monday.

"Computer models now are saying this storm could go back into the Gulf of Mexico and hit Texas a second time," said Patrick DeHaan with He says, Harvey is not good news for them, or us, with a big chunk of the U.S. oil refineries in harm's way.

"If Houston is hit and some models predict that the second hit could be directly over Houston, then we could kind of see the worst case scenario, in which gas prices could go up, 10, 20, 30 cents a gallon," said DeHaan. 

“Ridiculous!,” said Tamecka Raines as she was pumping her gas at the Shell in Camp Washington.

"That's kind of way too high, up 20 cents?,” said Thomas Truong. “Do you remember when it was close to 4 dollars and more a few years ago?,” we asked. “Really?,” he asked. I don't remember that at all.” “You're too young!,” we laughed. “Yeah!," he said, shrugging his shoulders.

We caught up with one woman, who paid $2.39 in Forest Park and if prices really skyrocket, she has a plan.

"I might ride my bike then!," she said.

Shutting down refineries is fairly straightforward, DeHaan told us, but getting them back online takes even longer!

"This is a multi-day process and these refineries could be down, for not days, but weeks," he said. “I think the market will likely digest the damage reports on Monday and that could lead to a big jump in the market on Monday." 

Raines said even if it's a 20-cent jump, we'll all still be better off.

“Hopefully they're safe and out of harm's way, cuz' gas ain't got nothing to do with no lives honey!," said Raines. "With the hurricane going on, we just got to pray for the people there."

We'll know more once the markets open late Sunday and see what the petroleum futures predictions look like. Then, we’ll have a better idea of what kind of price hike, if any, we'll be getting here.

So enjoy your weekend and don't worry about filling-up yet. Stay with FOX19 NOW. We'll have the latest for you here and on our mobile app.

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