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Callers pose as police in latest phone scam

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Scammers are now trying to drain your wallets by using your support for the police against you.

The latest rip-off is asking for you to support the men and women who protect and serve.

The only problem is that the call is not coming from the Aurora Police Department.

"Someone had called asking for their company to back the Aurora Police Department in what they called the 'Back the Blue Program' and they caught on right away that it probably was not right," said Sgt. Shane Slack.

That's because it wasn't.

"They try to feed upon people's emotions and try to keep it close to home so that way they'll feel more apt to want to give," said Sgt. Slack.

This one targeted businesses in Aurora.

The person calling identified themselves as a Aurora police officer and was looking for financial backing for the blue.

In this case, the call was coming from Texas and police believe businesses may not be the only targets.

"It does bother me because people in our communities, they work hard for a living and they expect a certain service from the police department, they shouldn't have to be constantly asked, especially on a phone scam or a phone call, to give more than they've already been giving," said Sgt. Slack.

Sgt. Slack says any phone call asking for money should raise some questions and asks residents to double check before opening their pocketbooks.

"Don't just give freely without knowing first," said Sgt. Slack. "Call your local police department and make sure that they do have a need for something or they are doing a fundraising drive, just to make sure."

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