Vietnam War Memorial displayed in Evendale honoring veterans

EVENDALE, OH (FOX19) - Sunday was the final day to check out a mobile tribute to those killed in the Vietnam War.

The Moving Wall was on display at the UAW Local 863 post, located at 10708 Reading Road.

It is a scale replica of the Vietnam Wall in Washington, D.C.

"I think it can bring everyone together," said Ken Fecher, UAW Local 863 chairman. "This is a big tribute to the Vietnam Veterans and it's a tribute to all veterans, something that the Vietnam Veteran era, they're owed."

Nearly 60,000 names on the moving wall, the youngest just 15 years old. The names of those who served and died or have passed as of last year, are listed.

Though decades have passed since the war, the wall brought the past to the present for some.

"That's the problem. It just reduces me to a blubbering mess of Jello is the only thing I could say. A lot of other guys are that way too," Veteran Jim Barr said.

Barr served as a Marine during the war. He said he's been to the memorial in Washington D.C., but it's still hard to look at.

"I have too many friends that are on that wall. It's a lot more emotional," he said.

President of the UAW Local 863, Time Meadors, said it  was great to have the moving wall here, because some will never make it to see it in Washington D.C.

"It's hard for some of the people because they lost loved ones. They lost love ones, they lost friends they lost family and many of them didn't get the respect that they when they got back. So being able to bring the wall and bring all these names and let them be respected as they should have been is what this wall is about," he said.

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