Blair: "React Calmly"

Blair urges calm as police check stations in aftermath of blasts

British Prime Minister Tony Blair is urging the people of London to "react calmly" in the aftermath of today's explosions in the subway system and on a bus.

Blair says those responsible for the explosions are trying to "scare people" and make them anxious. Authorities say only one person has been reported wounded in today's blasts -- three of which occurred in London's Underground and one on a double-decker bus. London's police commissioner says initial checks have yielded no trace of chemical agents in two of those subway stations. He also says the bombs "appear to be smaller" than those that detonated two weeks ago, killing 56 people.

Unlike those explosions, today's blasts haven't shut down the entire subway system, though three lines remain closed. But authorities say they hope to get the city's transit system back to normal quickly