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VIDEO: Robber shoves gun in worker's face at Pleasant Ridge Chili

(Cincinnati Police Department) (Cincinnati Police Department)
(Cincinnati Police Department) (Cincinnati Police Department)

Police say the man who robbed a Pleasant Ridge Chili employee at gunpoint this week is now in custody.

The robbery happened around 3:40 p.m. on Monday.

Police ID'd the suspect as 19-year-old Christopher Binford.

The surveillance video captured shows Binford walk into the restaurant and over to an employee. He then shoves the gun in her face.

"He kept saying, 'get the money, get the money,'" one employee said.

They saw the Binford go into their restroom and said he was in there about 15 minutes.

"I definitely noted that it was for a while,” one woman said.

She said something felt off.

"Yeah, I'm thinking 'what is he doing in there.' He looked pretty angry when he walked in," she said. 

The waitress, who's still shaken by the whole episode, wrote on the FOX19 NOW Facebook page, "I was scared out of my mind. All I kept thinking was what will happen to my girls if he kills me right now?"  She thanked everyone for their prayers.

Binford grabbed the money and took off.

They chased him down the block, but he disappeared through a cemetery about a block away.

The staff at Pleasant Ridge Chili said they are like family and they've got a loyal fan base of customers, who are so grateful everyone is OK.

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