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'Superbubz' gets special visit from Santa Claus

Superbubz gets special visit from Santa. (FOX19 NOW) Superbubz gets special visit from Santa. (FOX19 NOW)

Walter " Superbubz" Herbert, 6, has Stage 4 cancer and just weeks to a month to live. On Sunday, he got a special visit from the man who lives on the North Pole. 

"Superbubz is the most resilient inspiring superhero we've ever met... he is our world, and he is Gods gift to us," his mother, Emily Herbert said. 

He was diagnosed two years ago with neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer. Even though he's having fun, his body is fighting to keep up. Stage 4 cancer is taking a toll. He's also battling a fungus called fusarium. 

"We made the decision to bring him home, but we are treating the fungus with some IV antibiotics right now," Herbert said.

Once finished with that treatment, he'll go back to fighting the cancer. Right now, doctors said he may just have weeks to live. 

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Santa Claus made a special visit to celebrate Superbubz's favorite holiday, Christmas a little early. 

His parents said he knows he has cancer, but doesn't know the severity, and you couldn't tell by his energy. 

"He honestly is our true living superhero, and he definitely is super," Herbert said. 

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