Recipe: Sweet Corn Truffle Tamale With Shrimp “Chow-Chow” from Hotel Covington

Hotel Covington Executive Chef Brendan Haren provided this recipe for the 2017 Cincinnati Zoo 'Zoofari.'

2 c              Maseca Flour

2 c              Chicken Stock

1 ½ t          Baking powder

? c             Lard or Veg Shortening

1 T             Salt

3 ea           Corn cobs/Roasted and kernel off

1 T             Truffle oil

Corn Husks Soaked in hot water

Mix maseca, baking powder, and salt together

Mix in warm chicken stock to form fluffy dough

Beat lard till fluffy then fold into maseca to form tamale base

Fold roasted corn and truffle oil into base, check for seasoning

Lay 1 T. of tamale mix into corn husk and fold into tamale shape

Cook in perf pan in steamer covered with damp towel for 45 min. to set

8oz            21-25 Shrimp

2#              Hatch green chilis blistered, peeled and diced

4#              Green bell peppers diced

4#              Red bell peppers diced

3#              Green tomatoes dice

4#              Sweet onions diced

1ea            Green cabbage finely chopped

½ C            Kosher salt

6C              Sugar

4C              Cider vinegar

2C              Water

2T              Yellow mustard seeds

1T              Dry mustard

1T              Crushed red pepper

1t               Celery seeds

2t               Ground ginger

1 ½ t          Turmeric

Place peppers, tomatoes, onions and cabbage into a non-reactive bowl and toss with salt.  Refrigerate overnight

Drain liquid.  Toss Hatch chilis into mix.  Bring a pot with water and remaining ingredients to simmer.  Add diced veg and simmer till relish consistency.

Sautee shrimp till cooked through, place on top of tamale and top with 3oz of the Chowchow.  Enjoy!!