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Middletown teen surprises homecoming date with police proposal

Heller, Hamrick and Middletown Officer Reece (Provided) Heller, Hamrick and Middletown Officer Reece (Provided)

A Middletown teenager was ordered out of a home by police Wednesday night, but she is not in trouble with the law. It was all part of a big surprise.

Mae Heller, 14, was shocked when a Middletown police officer showed up outside a home she was at for a Bible study and demanded that she come outside with her hands up.

"I didn't know what was happening and was really confused," Heller said.

Once Heller came outside of the house, the officer told Heller to put her hands down, "If the answer is yes."

That's when Heller spotted her friend, 15-year-old Conner Hamrick, standing with a bouquet of flowers and a sign that read: "Spring's showers bring Mae flowers. Homecoming?"

"I was really excited and think it's just a sweet thing," Heller said.

Heller's answer was yes.

Hamrick said that he knew he wanted to ask Heller to the homecoming dance at his school, Madison High School, and wanted to go above and beyond. With the help of his mom and police, he put the proposal together.

He was at the Bible study with Heller, but was able to sneak outside and complete the plan without her spotting him.

"We've been friends since she was like in fifth grade," Hamrick said.

Following the hype of his proposal, FOX19 NOW asked Hamrick how he plans to go bigger and better next time.

"Honestly that's a question I ask myself. I don't know how I'm going to top this. It's just such a crazy thing," Hamrick said.

We suppose we will all have to wait and see until the next dance rolls around.

Heller and Hamrick will be attending the Madison homecoming dance on Sept. 30.

Hamrick said that last year, he used a heart-shaped pizza to ask his date to the dance.

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