Why the Tri-State's fall weather outlook may surprise you

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It's been so warm here in the Tri-State lately - many are thinking about our fall forecast and what that's going to be like.

According to the Climate Prediction Center, with a look at October, November and December, in the Tri-State and the northeast we're going to see above average conditions.

After a cool down at the end of this week, there still looks to be a lot of warmth left for at least the first half of fall.

Temperatures may slide toward below-average as we begin winter in the northern and eastern states, according to the Weather Channel.

As far as precipitation, the Climate Prediction Center says those states off to the north and west, including Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, are going to see a wet and stormy season with above average moisture.  It will remain dry for the folks in the deep south.

This all means the shorts, flip flops, and t-shirts  should stay in the front part of the closet for quite a while yet.

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