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Police warn of 'knock-knock’ burglars targeting area communities

Street in Glendale (FOX19 NOW) Street in Glendale (FOX19 NOW)

Police in Glendale say two “knock-knock-style” burglaries appear eerily familiar to a recent string of crimes in Springdale, Wyoming and Amberly Village.

 “It is our belief that the unknown subjects are “casing” houses in the village to determine what time resident’s leave in the morning,” Police Chief Dave Warman wrote in an alert to residents.

The break-ins are happening between 7 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., police say. 

The term “knock-knock burglary” is sometimes used to describe a crime where a suspect knocks on a door to see if anyone is home and then breaks in if no one answers.  

According to Chief Warman, if the homeowner answers the door, the suspect asks for “John” or another common name who, they thought, lived at that home.

If no one answers, the suspect finds a way inside and “take their time going through every drawer, closet and cabinet throughout the house,” police say. It appears the criminals are looking for items they can carry easily and undetected, such as jewelry, cash, and gift cards.

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The most recent break-in happened Tuesday morning, Warman said. A resident came home for lunch and noticed his front and back doors open.

Chief Warman is asking any residents report to police about suspicious subjects who knock on their doors. He also suggested taking photos of valuable property and record all serial numbers, just in case.

Glendale police are working with other departments to track down a suspect, but Warman says the “eyes and ears” of residents are also valuable crime-fighting tools.

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