HART animal rescue fighting to save abandoned, severely ill puppies

HART animal rescue fighting to save abandoned, severely ill puppies

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Seven puppies that were abandoned and left for dead are getting a new lease on life thanks to a Cincinnati animal rescue, but the dogs have a tough road ahead.

Volunteers with HART Animal Rescue said that a woman in Wayne County, West Virginia found nine puppies dumped and abandoned outside of a church there.

The West Virginia rescuer fed the dogs for a few days and eventually used kennels to catch them. At that time, she discovered that one of the puppies was missing. That puppy has still not been found.

HART took in the eight surviving dogs and brought them to the County Animal Hospital in Mason for veterinary care.

"They're throwing up aluminum foil and plastic wrappers," Shari Wyenandt with HART said. "They were eating anything and everything because no one was there to feed them."

A little more than 24 hours later, HART got a call they were not expecting. Medical staff members told them that all of the puppies have Canine Parvovirus, or Parvo, which is a contagious virus that attacks a dog's body, starting with the intestines.

"They get vomiting and diarrhea, totally dehydrates them, and then it can spread if left untreated, and then it'll start attacking other systems in the body which can result in death," Wyenandt said.

HART rescuers learned that another dog they had rescued the same day, a Great Dane, also has Parvo and is heartworm positive.

Medical staff went to work on the dogs. Some of them are making progress, but HART was hit with heartbreak on Saturday.

"We lost one today," Wyenandt said. "That's hard."

The dogs are currently quarantined at the animal hospital and are being treated with IV fluids.

HART rescuers said that this is a good time to remind pet owners that abandoning animals is never the answer, and spaying and neutering is critical for canines.

"These puppies would not be sick because there wouldn't be any," Wyenandt said. "If you can't do that and you have a litter, then either vaccinate or take them to the shelter as soon as they're weaned from their mother."

It's not clear how long the dogs might take to recover.

HART rescuers said they are always taking donations and are looking for fosters. They will need special fosters for the dogs recovering from Parvo.

If you are interested in donating, volunteering or fostering, visit HART's Facebook page or website.

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