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NFL jerseys burned, shredded at NKY bar's counter-protest

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As some National Football League players continue to take a knee during the national anthem as a form of protest, a sports bar in Campbell County is taking an opposing stance by burning football merchandise.

Patrons of the Top Ten Sports Bar in Wilder, Ky. gathered together at the business Sunday afternoon. While NFL games were kicking off around the country, the group was burning and shredding football jerseys as a counter-protest against the NFL players and coaches who have been kneeling during The Star Spangled Banner.

"Everybody has their own beliefs, and that's why this is the greatest country in the world," said Dirk Mooibroek, the owner of the bar. "During our national anthem, it's not a time to grandstand for politics."

The players who have been protesting on the field have said that they are fighting against oppression and for racial justice and equality.

Some of the people who tossed their jerseys into the flames Sunday said that they support what the athletes are trying to accomplish, but believe that kneeling during the anthem is inappropriate and disrespectful towards both the American flag and the many people who have fought for our country.

"Diversity is diversity. Everyone should be treated equally," Mooibroek said. "This is actually about our first responders, our veterans, our current military and all those who are out there who support our country."

The bar customers said they are urging protesting players to reconsider what they are doing. They said they believe there is a time and place for sharing political views, and at the game is not one of them.

"We appreciate those players in the NFL who do stand and respect our national anthem. We're asking those who do to continue doing so," Mooibroek said. "Those who do not, do not do it on our dime. We're the ones paying for these games. We're the ones paying to watch these advertisements during these games, and it's not okay with us."

Dozens of players knelt during the anthem on Sunday. The number of players who took a knee was down from this past weekend when more than 200 athletes took part.


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