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Hoxworth: Vegas shooting underscores importance of blood donations

File photo of Blood Drive in Fairfield (PHOTO: FOX19/ Chris Lower) File photo of Blood Drive in Fairfield (PHOTO: FOX19/ Chris Lower)

The Las Vegas mass shooting underscores the importance of blood donations, Hosworth officials said.

Hoxworth always has a real need for people to come in, roll up a sleeve and donate to replenish their supply, said Cara Nicolas, Hoxworth spokeswoman.

Having that supply helps to ensure blood is ready when needed, especially in cases of extreme need like in Las Vegas.

"Hospitals, blood centers, an emergency plan in place but it's very hard to plan for 200 victims, 400 hundred victims," said another Hoxworth spokeswoman, Alecia Lipton.

Hoxworth officials say they are not expecting to be asked to help with blood donations there at this time but would be available if needed, she said.

"The tragedy emphasizes the need for every community, including Cincinnati, to have a readily available supply of blood products in the event of an emergency," Hoxworth said in a statement Monday.

"Thank you to our donors and supporters who have already asked how they can help during this time."

People donating Monday had the mass shooting on their minds.

Nick Adams said he gives blood whenever he can.

"I just had a conversation with my friend on the way over here, as a matter of fact, and just wonder what goes through people's mind when they do something like that," said donor Nick Adams.

"(I) do this kind of stuff just to help out where ever I can because I know there's quite a few people from that situation that are in hospitals."

The city's biggest blood drive already is underway this week.

The 16th annual Bengals blood drive runs through Saturday.

Donors will receive a free Bengals t-shirt.

Click here to schedule your donation.

For more information, visit www.hoxworth.org

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