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Dearborn County residents urging speeding drivers to slow down

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A Dearborn County couple said they are so fed up with speeders and reckless drivers near their home that they are now doing everything they can to put a stop to it.

Beth and Raymond Kraus have lived on Kraus Road for decades. The couple said that dangerous driving is a serious problem in the area where the speed limits are mostly 40 mph. According to them, every morning and every afternoon, whenever nearby schools are starting or ending, the trouble starts on their street and on many streets around them.

"The kids are flying through here at 70 mph," Raymond Kraus said.

The couple said that they have seen several crashes where cars flew through the air and have also witnessed young drivers moving so fast that they hit and damaged their fences. They're worried that a driver could hit a pet or a person.

"It's not worth dying for," said Beth Kraus.

It's so bad, the two told FOX19 NOW they try to avoid driving when students are behind the wheel. They said they have started calling the sheriff's office any time it's a present problem.

"Called four times this week already," said Beth Kraus.

Neighbors know deputies patrol the roads, but said realistically, law enforcement officials cannot be focused on speeders in one spot all the time.

To try to reduce the issues, Beth Kraus started using her video camera and her cellphone to record what they're dealing with. One afternoon, she said she sat on her porch and recorded speeding cars for 20 minutes. She also posted snapshots on social media attached to posts that beg and urge drivers to slow down.

"I don't want one of the school kids to get killed, and I don't want to get killed on this road, but it's going to happen," Raymond Kraus said.

The couple says they are not sure what the solution is, but they're interested in working with officials to take care of the problem. For now, they said they plan to keep recording footage and reaching out to the community. Their main message for drivers of any age is to slow down and be more cautious so someone doesn't get killed.

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