Puppy missing after Warren Co. break-in has family devastated

Puppy missing after Warren Co. break-in has family devastated
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WARREN COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Warren County Sheriff's Deputies are looking for information to help them solve an unusual burglary case in Franklin.

Victoria Shade returned to her apartment in the 8000 block of Dayton-Oxford Road Sunday night and said she sensed that something was off.

"My microwave was gone, I'm like, 'ok that's weird,' so I walked to my back room, my TV, both PlayStations were gone," Shade said.

It appeared burglars had broken into Shade's residence through a second-story window and made off with some of her electronics.

"I felt lost almost, like I walked into my own apartment, and there's things missing that were there when I left," Shade said.

The missing items were the least of her worries though. Shade realized her pet was nowhere to be found.

"I looked under the bed. I looked under the washer and dryer, couldn't find my puppy anywhere," Shade said.

Her eight-week-old puppy, Annie, had disappeared. Shade said that the puppy is not only too young to take off on her own, but is afraid of the stairs.

She believes the criminals snatched the dog searching for a profit.

"I can buy a new TV. That was my dog," Shade said. "That was something I was making a part of my family with my kids."

Warren County investigators searched for fingerprints and are now sorting through possible security camera footage. They're looking for any potential leads.

Shade said she just wants the puppy back, no questions asked, if not for her, for her two young kids.

"You went into a house that has two playpens, kids toys all over it, high chairs and a puppy, and you just stole from those kids completely," Shade said. "You knew it. I don't even see how you can be that kind of person."

Annie, Shade said, is a Bullmastiff Boxer Pit mix that they had only had for a couple of days.

She said she has been keeping an eye on for sale sites in case someone tries to sell the puppy and is hoping that someone in the area may have seen something.

If you have any information, you're asked to call the Warren County Sheriff's Office.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for a cash reward to bring Annie home.

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